Your guide to the global investment ideas

Global investment solution

Our team offers a fee-based investment solution designed to help our clients capture above-market returns and achieve long-term investment goals while limiting overall risk profile of the investment portfolio. The service features professionally structured portfolios of US, EU, Russian equities and global equities ETFs.

Our clients receive complete and easy to follow updated continuously portfolio recommendations comparable to institutional asset management service apart from actual position trading which can be easily done with the help of any broker in any jurisdiction. We provide investment ideas, respective calls to buy or sell securities and same time controlling the overall risk of the portfolio. 

Individual approach and full control over your assets

Our portfolio advisory service is designed for those who wish to remain in full control of the investment assets and constantly oversee investing process but value input from an expert team to make well-timed decisions. The service gives you specific pre-trade advice, access to well-researched investment ideas and simultaneously offering asset allocation with the professional risk management overlay. We make sure that our portfolios offer high return potential with low correlation to the market and limited risks.  

Before client invests with us, our investment adviser will work to learn about clients’ goals, attitude to risk, investment time horizon and any other specific requirements. This ensures that our products suitable for clients’ circumstances.