Your guide to the global investment ideas

Cost effective global portfolio
Investment universe

We screen the investment universe and track  over 200 ETFs as well as large and mid cap equities in US, EU and Russia

We form easy to follow portfolios from our best ideas and provide exact time when to enter the trade and close the position. Our portfolios are constructed to limit market risks with the potential to outperform.

Portfolio construction & positions management

Our focus lists tend to outperform the market in the long term, however, we go further by rigorously revising major drivers for each investment which are expected to trigger asset valuation repricing process. At this stage, our team members compile driver map.

Research & Analysis

We use our proprietary multifactor models to identify assets with high return potential. Models mainly incorporate major factors which drive investment returns in long-term. At this stage, we generate our focus lists for each market.

Our focus lists and drivers map allow us to constantly generate new ideas for short-term investments and identify periods with the highest probability of alpha realization. 

Based on our recommendations our clients can get exposure to 3 different markets or create well-diversified global portfolio avoiding traditional high management fees.

Investment drivers monitoring & ideas generation
Investment return drivers identification