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Our services


Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives through superior investment returns. We do this through offering a compact, client-oriented and distinctive range of actively managed investments with the potentially high return and moderate risk. We mainly focus on US, European, Russian equities and ETFs.

Research process


Our research is driven by fundamentals and valuation analysis, as well as quantitative evaluation methods. Using our proprietary multi-factor models, we focus on the assessment of value-creating factors based on asset economic life cycle and identify appropriate investing periods.

Investment strategy


We believe that the price of an asset is ultimately driven by the fundamentals. Hence, bottom-up asset selection is at the core of the investment strategy. The quality and depth of our empirical models and rigorous analyst research are the keys to consistently identifying the factors which will drive asset’s future valuation.



Our investment professionals have strong backgrounds in equity research, asset management and empirical econometrics,   including significant expertise in quantitative and behavioral finance. Our employees possess shared beliefs around our strategies and disciplined risk management.

Investment performance


We are proud to deliver strong investment portfolio returns for our clients while limiting overall market risk exposure. We achieve this by combining rigorous research process and highly calibrated approach to portfolio construction.

Fees & Commisions


We have designed our fee structure so that our interests are well aligned with our clients. Most of our proceeds, as well as compensation of our decision makers, are linked to actual clients’ investment returns. Such structure ensures continuing eagerness to perform.